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Welcome to EU Spectator


EU Spectator is an independent modern (thus obviously) digital online weekly multimedia socio-political current affairs magazine. "euspectator" name and logo are registered copyright domain.

Established in July 2014, and first published in October of the same year; the principal focus of this publication is to positively cover and explore the current political and cultural developments within the EU Member States, inclusive of events from political, cultural or academic interest to EU citizens.

We are Brussels-based, in the heart of the EU Institution zone. Our small, long-term, but ever-growing team are selected for their journalistic experience, personal motivation & integrity, but also for their writing, IT, and audio-visual expertise. Although we publish in English, demographically our team, to date, represents six different European nationalities for a greater pan-European view and the average age of our staff is 41.

We do not claim to be a "newspaper"- nor a streaming news channel, we value quality over quantity, fact-checked and relevant, with editorial controls & legal responsibilities. ***

We hold in trust, the confidence of our readers and our public; through this central publication but also through our social-media supporting channels, on YouTube, facebook, and twitter.

 Our central journalistic aim is to offer a balanced, unbiased & fair but positive perspective on the many facets of the EU project thus far for our readers and subscribers, with news and features updated weekly.

EU Spectator publication is financially and editorially independent of the EU institutions, and is politically impartial, we do not endorse any particular political view, or accommodate any form of political or private sector lobbying. Thus our name and motto is - impartial spectator, with factual objective journalism. 

Our content reflects a combination of professional, comprehensive, and dynamic experienced journalism, audio-visual, and writing,  giving best press coverage  practice and insight to the public, on the whole European debate across a rainbow of issues. 

Our publication also covers perspectives from academic think-tanks, social and political pundits on European civil society, and submissions from EU educators.

 Last but not least; EU Spectator also seeks to help and inform EU citizens regarding the workings, responsibilities, and functions of the EU institutions and structures.


*** We are fully aware of our civic journalistic responsibilities, under the regulations set by OLAF & the European Ombudsman, in alleged cases or reports of maladministration or political corruption in the EU. We are also more than familiar with audio-visual protocol within EU buildings.




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Randall Calvin

Publisher / Editor in Chief


Our Journalists


Martin Banks Cillian Donnelly            

Melissa Hekkers



Guadalupe del Olmo  

 Anna-Maria Bak

Freelance Journalist


 Chris Malapitan

 Cartoonist / Illustrator





Raquel Jimenez


 Steve James

Contributing vlogger


Sebastian Edgington-Cole

Freelance Journalist